EducationJune 10, 2019

Vision, mission, goals

We are extremely passionate about Pre-primary and Junior Primary education in Namibia. Since we started out in 2017, we had a vision in mind to enhance the quality of education in specifically Pre-primary and Lower Primary. This became our mission. As we first practically implemented our range of workbooks to “test” it, we have made numerous changes, adaptations and improvements. Invested teachers and schools gave feedback and made recommendations. We value this and therefore we listened! We found ourselves in a constant trial and error mode where we improved with every revision.

Finally, we thought our product to be significantly improved and of greater value. Thus, we submitted it to the Department of Education in Namibia for review. We are proud to share their feedback with you:

• “…the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) through the directorate National Institute for Educational Development (NIED) has seen and perused through your materials (Moyo Education books for ECD and Junior Primary phase)….”

• “It is noted that a significant amount of work has been put in developing these books… NIED also noted with interest that the Moyo Education books could become a viable vehicle for providing needed educational / instructional materials for schools… The overall learning materials presented is relevant and in line with the ECD curriculum framework and the revised Junior Primary curriculum.”

• “NIED is therefore pleased that the Moyo Education books submitted are relevant and useful learning resource materials for primary schools and can be used to enhance the quality education.”

Our mission is being dedicated to providing quality resources for teachers and learners in Namibia. We are very proud to share the findings of NIED with you. We believe that it serves as proof that we value our mission.

We recently also started a funding campaign for schools in need in Namibia, hoping to raise enough money to at least help five of the schools identified. We believe that Namibian teachers and learners would benefit from using our range in their schools.

Moyo for you! Moyo for each child! Moyo for Namibia!


Start planning now so that you can also start 2020 with the Moyo range at your school!

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