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UncategorizedAugust 14, 2018

Technology in the classroom has huge benefits

Future Nation Schools looked at education trends and noticed that South African pupils, along with  the rest of the world, need to prepare for the demands that come with the fourth industrial revolution.
Despite the struggles that South Africa faces with access to internet and resources, the education system can no longer ignore the demands of a world using advanced technologies, which  include artificial intelligence, robotics and driverless cars.
The tried and tested chalk and board method is no  longer logical as learners are becoming more collaborative in their learning methods. It’s clear that using technology in the classroom has its benefits.
Technology in the classroom can be seen as a step in a positive direction because it is seen to  motivate students to study by making it more fun and interactive. It also prepares students for a future . The youth of today are very pro technology and  by using technology in the classroom, it allows students to better connect to their study material.
Future Nation plays a pioneering role at the primary school level to introduce and use technology to aid  and strengthen learning. Technology is used as a tool for playing, learning and  experimentation in junior primary school. It is then expanded to research, analysis and communication  in senior primary school.
People are already using a lot of technology in everyday life, and for that reason Future Nation Schools has also  found it relevant to include in their day-to-day schooling.
About Future Nations Schools
Future Nation Schools (Pty) Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Sifiso Learning Group, that seeks to  drive the African education revolution. Future Nation Schools have a distinctive educational model  through effective and innovative instructional practices in a global context using an experiential learning
approach through Project Based Learning; a curriculum, that includes a focus on coding, African Studies  as well as leadership and entrepreneurship, that develops learners’ ability to work independently while  using learning technology. Future Nations Schools currently have three campuses in Gauteng (Lyndhurst,  Fleurhof and Randburg).
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