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Development, Education, givingFebruary 05, 2019

Cedar Solar Namibia sponsors a local pre-primary

Cedar Solar Namibia, a company in the solar water industry, have reached out to help a local pre-primary in Otjomuise. They have donated 14 sets of workbooks for Grade R pre-primary learners as well as a teacher’s guide for their pre-primary teacher. These learners will now be able to complete a wide variety of activities (cut, paste, copy, draw, complete, colour, match, etc.) in the following areas:

•Language Development (Listening and Responding, Speaking and Communicating, Preparatory Reading, Incidental Reading, Preparatory Writing)
•Preparatory Mathematics (Number Concept, Problem-solving, Classification, Seriation / Ordering, Spatial Relations, Measurement)
•Environmental Studies (9 Themes integrated throughout with Weather, Health, Safety and Special Occasions)

The content is based on the Namibian curriculum. The 9 books are theme-based and include the following themes:

1. This is me
2. This is my body
3. This is my family
4. This is my house
5. This is my school
6. This is my community
7. I learn about animals
8. I learn about water
9. I learn about plants

Fourteen learners’ education have been enriched. THANK YOU CEDAR SOLAR NAMIBIA! You have not just given us the funds to provide these books to the school, but you have given them your time, the most thoughtful gift of all!


Any other companies or individuals who are interested in donating funds, our theme-based books or a school in need, please contact us at


Click on the link below to view their song:

clever kids


For your solar water pump or rooftop solar needs, please contact Cedar Solar Namibia at the contact details below:

+264 61 256700

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